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Chicken Breeders

Name County Breeds Kept Contact Details Email Web
Adam Paul Cambridgeshire POL hybrids 07505 619162 email here web link
Julie & Ian Jones Derbyshire Wheaton Marsh Daisy, Derbyshire Red Cap, Buff Orpington, Lavender Araucana, Japanese Bantams, Vorwerk, Maran, Welsummer, Light Sussex. Old Canal Farm, Sinfin Moor Lane, Chellaston, DE73
Heathylee House Farm Derbyshire Buff Orpington, Pekin, Hybrid POL, Sebastapol and Steinbacher Geese 01298 web link
G Tinson & L Hidden Derbyshire White Araucana, Spangled Hamburghs, 6 colours of Silkie 07766 880262 web link
G Keys Poultry Essex Buff and Lemon Cuckoo Orpington 01702 441113, 07977 013893 email here web link
Amelia’s chicks Worcestershire Vaccinated Hybrids: Bluebelle, Sussex, Amber, Speckledy, Rhode Rock, Calder, White Leghorn (white egg layer), Columbine (blue egg layer). Pure breeds: Pekins, Silkies, Araucana, Light and Buff Sussex and La Fleche. 07962 211144 email here web link
Barling Poultry Essex Poultry and waterfowl, hybrid POL 07716 367858 web link
Britannic Rare Breeds Essex Largefowl: Derbyshire Redcap, Red Dorking, Dark Indian Game, Ixworth, Lincolnshire Buff, Wheaten, Brown, buff Marsh Daisy, Norfolk Grey, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Buff Orpington, Rhodebar, Black, Cuckoo Scots Dumpy, Scots Grey, Speckled, Light, red, white, Brown Sussex. Bantam: Rhodebar, Red Sussex, Scots Grey, Silver Spangled Hamburgh. Silver Appleyard, Aylesburyand Buff Orpington, Stanbridge Wh . email here web link
Beverley Nelson, Bev’s Rare Breed Poultry Cheshire Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot, Croad Langshans, Hybrids 07815 201055 email here web link
Chinese Painted Quail Lancashire Red breasted, Japanese, Californian, Gambel, Harlequin, Blue scale 01942 609928 web link
Happy Chicks Lancashire Welsummer, Cuckoo Maran, Brown Leghorn, Silkies, Crested Polish 01253 813178 web link
Henpen Lancashire American Dominique, Rhode Island Red 07796 445314 web link
Pimlotts Poultry Lancashire Bantam Australorp, Croad Langshan and Faverolles 01772 814931 web link
Storrs Poultry Yorkshire Over 20 breeds.Large fowl and bantam chickens. Ducks, geese and hybrids 01226 764822 web link
Fosters Poultry Gloucestershire 22 breeds and lots of colours, bantam and Largefowl 01452 721118 web link
Chalk Hill Poultry Hampshire American Dominiques, Brahma, Cochin, Ixworth, La Fleche, Maran, Orpington, 07966 552734 web link
Leicestershire Emus and Rheas Leicestershire Emus and Rheas 01455 823344 web link
Mike Sumner Lincolnshire Toulouse and African Geese. Large fowl Lincolnshire Buff and Dorking. Nankin bantam. Ducks: White Indian Runner, Large Silver Appleyard. Turkeys: Pied, Buff and various other colours. 01507 568735 web link
Poultrymad Lincolnshire Over 40 breeds 01507 363742 web link
Robert Jefferies Norfolk Black, Buff and Cuckoo Cochins, RIR and white, Auto sexing breeds:Legbar, Gold Legbar, Rhodebar, Welbar. 01603 754390 web link
Cotswold Chickens Oxfordshire Wide selection of Hybrid POL 01608 683912 web link
The Wernlas Collection Shropshire Over 40 breeds and lots of colours, bantam and largefowl 01584 856318 web link
Warwickshire Poultry Farm Warwickshire Araucana, Maran, Orpington, Pekins, Silkies, Light and Buff Sussex Wyandotte, Welsummer and Hybrids 02476 540040 web link
Wylye Valley Chickens Wiltshire Over 25 breeds 01722 743391 web link
Brambles Special breeds Worcestershire Appenzeller, Frizzle, Nankin, Pekins, Silkie. Aylesbury ducks 01684 833336 web link
Legbars of Broadway Worcestershire Legbars, OEPF 01386 858007 web link
Poultry4u Wales Over 25 breeds 07811 708090 web link
Quails from Wales Wales Quails 02920 411123 web link
AK Poultry Aberdeenshire Gold laced, buff, jubilee, black Orpington, light, speckled and silver Sussex, Marans, Yokohamas, Appenzellers, Silkies, Wyandottes, Vorwork, Welsummers, Geese, Call and runner Ducks, Turkeys 07789 744101 web link
Allandoo Pheasantry Dumfries & Galloway Golden, Lady Amherst, Eared, peacock and fireback Pheasants, Ijima Coppers, Silvers, Mikados and Tragopans 01776 870244 web link
All year round birds West Lothian Geese, ducks, turkeys, quail, Largefowl and bantams chickens, peafowl, doves 0131 333 4901 web link
Island Poultry Western Isles Scots Greys, light and silver Sussex, white Wyandottes, buff Orpingtons. Aylesbury ducks, Indian Runner, Saxony and Welsh Harlequin Ducks. 01851 850776 web link
Michael Masters Somerset Silkie LF (Red & Black), Sussex LF (Light & Buff), French Copper Maran LF, Salmon Faverolle LF, Barnevelder LF, Pekin (Millie fleur & Lavender) 01823 662503 email here
Rob Duncan West Lothian Geese, ducks, Guinea Fowl, Peafowl, Quail, Bantams, Large Fowl, Doves , Turkeys & cage and aviary birds. Point of lay pullets various hybrids, also poultry housing & sundry supplies. 01506 880892 / 07932 963767 web link
Nick Grogan Caithness Lavender Araucana, Cream Legbar, Silver Grey Dorking, Lakenvelder, Copperblack, Cuckoo and Wheaten Maran, Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Light Sussex, Vorwork, silver laced Wyandotte, Welsummer. 01847 841242 web link
Terry Rockhill Kent LF: Black and White Croad Langshans, Lincolnshire Buff, Red Silkie, Cream Legbars, Blue laced Barnevelder, Houdan, Red/Blue Leghorn. Ducks: Buff Orpington, Saxony, Muscovy. Geese: American Buff 07919 897735 email here web link
South Yeo Farm East, Gillian Dixon Devon Andalusian, Vorwerk, Welsummer, Lavender Araucana, Ixworth, Buff Orpington, Silver Grey Dorking, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Barnevelder, Blue Laced Barnevelder, Cuckoo Marans, French Copper Black & Copper Blue Marans, Cream Legbar, Bantam Silver Spangled Hamburg, Bantam Blue Laced Wyandotte. 01837 810274 email here
Robert Hall Yorkshire Gold laced Orpingtons 07966 555828 email here web link
Dee, Fir Tree Chooks Aberdeenshire Blue Orpington, Splash Orpington, Blue Pekin, Splash Pekin, Turkey: Blue, Bronze, Ducks: Indian Runners, Chiltern 01888 551781 email here web link
Mike Bonnage Aberdeenshire Chicks, Chickens and Hatching eggs for sale from the following breeds:(All Large Fowl) Silver Laced Wyandottes French Copper Black Maran French Copper Blue Maran Cream Legbars Buff Orpingtons 01771 644908 email here web link
Ann Carrington Nottinghamshire LF: Brahma, Blue Orpington 07941 763494 email here web link
Pegasus Poultry & Waterfowl Aberdeenshire POL Hybrids,Black Rocks,Bluebells,White Star etc, Orpingtons Choc,Lavender,Gold Laced,Gold Laced & Chamois Polands,Gold/blue Laced Wyandottes,Araucana,Runner Ducks in Choc,Streicher,Blue,Black,Trout & Blue Trout. 07929 355086 email here
H & T Laarveld North Devon Exhibition quality Large-fowl: Gold Pencilled Hamburghs and Welsummers. 01837 83962 (only 10 digits) email here
Jordan Dodwell Northumberland hybrids P.O.L various types fully vaccinated

Blue, buff and gold laced orpingtons. Gold brahmas. Barnevelders. Light sussex

01434 673667 email here
Tom’s Poultry Devon Light Sussex, Welsummer, Cuckoo Maran 01769 550431 email here
Mick and Sue Brook Devon Marsh Daisy, Scots Grey, Scots Dumpy(black/cuckoo), Ixworth, Jersey Giant(black/blue/white), Fresian Fowl, Old English Pheasant Fowl. 07717 313294 email here web link
Anthony Beardsmore Hampshire Java Black and Mottled, Jersey Giants Black and White, Dominique, Buckeye, Black Silkie, Maran, Red Dorking, Sumatra Black, Norfolk Grey, Ko Shamo, Kreinkoppe, Satsumadorie, Yamoto Gunkei, Araucana Lavender and Black, Red Sussex 01329 834311 email here
Welborne Poultry Norfolk Light Sussex, Barnevelder, Orpington, Blue, Black, Splash, Norfolk Grey, French Copper Maran (Black), Cream Legbar, Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot, Guinea Fowl, Peafowl (Indian Blue) 07941 334334 email here
Caroline Fisher West Sussex Golden Campine, Sumatra, Buff Orpington, Pekins, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Sable Poot, Light Sussex, Indian Game, Welsummer 01403 780441 email here
Charlie Peck Surrey Utility: Sussex; white, light & buff. Leghorn; white, black, mottled, buff.

Rare Breed: Andalusian, Marsh Daisy; brown, wheaten, white; OEPF, Hamburgh & hybrids.

01342 844191 email here
Max Porter Shropshire Pekin Bantams, bantam: Light Sussex, Buff Orpington, New Hampshire Red, Frizzle. Call Ducks 01952 594788 email here
Ian Waterman Dorset Ixworth, French Copper Black Maran, West Of England Geese. Turkeys: Bourbon Red, Bronze, Buff, Crollwitzer, Narragansett, Norfolk Black 08456 121233 email here
Grant Shields Northumberland We sell a variety of P.O.L. Pullets to back garden producers to commercial producers from 2 – 2000 pullets 07944 940254 email here web link
Carys Camwell Anglesey Welsummer, Copper Black Maran, Ancona, Hybrids: Light Sussex, Bluebell, Speckledy, Blacktails, Pied Suffolk, Rhode Rock. At POL. 07890 202257 email here web link
Leigh Stirrup County Down Ixworth, Sussex Buff, Brahma, Cream Legbar, Indian Game, La Bresse Gauloise, Silkie LF White 07900 113818 email here
Jakie Mottram Cheshire Barnevelder, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Vorwerk, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Lavender Araucana and other pure breeds 01565 733282 email here web link
Simon McManus Surrey Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, Rhode Island Red, ISA Brown, Rhode Rock 02083 350836 email here web link
Jackie Bahooshy Gloucestershire Ixworth, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Barred Plymouth Rock, Friesian Fowl, Silver Spangled Appenzeller, Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Blue Laced Wyandotte, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Lemon Cuckoo Orpington, Columbian Brahma, Pekin, Various colours of Polands including Frizzles, Lavender Araucana, POL Hybrids, Indian Runner Ducks, Ornamental Waterfowl 07841 248759 email here web link
Victoria Dews Lancashire Cream Legbar, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, New Hamsphire Red, Bantam Cuckoo Maran, hybrids 07980 210612 email here web link
Jodie Fendick South Yorkshire Partridge Orpingtons, Red & Black Silkies, Cuckoo Marans, Pekins, Cream Legbars, Hybrids 07502 009103 email here web link
Helen Warwickshire Lavender Cuckoo Pekin Bantams, Call Ducks and Indian Runner Ducks 07766 753631 email here web link
Terry / Annalise Puttock Hampshire Pure chocolate orpington bantams, black split chocolate orpingtons , black orpington bantams 07833 144485 email here
Jeni Stanton Denbighshire Ancona, Lavender Araucana, Gold Dutch Bantam, Cream Legbars, Buff Sussex, Friesian Fowl, Bronze Turkeys, Guinea Fowl 01691 718261 email here
Aarron Williams Surrey L/F Orpingtons, Chocolate Orpington bantam, Pekin Bantam, Hybrids, Indian Runners 07915 125111 email here web link
Pam Briggs Lincolnshire L/F Lavender Orpington, Buff Orpington 01507 462058
Karen de quincey Northamptonshire Polish, Pekin, Call ducks, Brahma, Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Ixworth, Maran, Light Sussex, Indian runner ducks, plus others chicks to POL 07919 153499 email here
Jen Norfolk Barnevelder, Welsummer, Maran, Cream Legbar, Light Sussex, Orpington, Marsh Daisy, Minorca, Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Dark Brahma, German Croad Langshan 07876 762053 email here
Tracey Jaine South Yorkshire Marsh Daisy, Scots Grey, Silver Grey Dorking, Red Dorking, White Dorking, Ixworth, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Light Sussex, Cream Legbar, Welsummer 07800 515546 email here web link
Tony Orpin Antrim, Northern Ireland Gauloise (La Bresse) Best Utility line available 028207 51094 email here web link
Rob Duncan West Lothian Quail, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, white Doves, bantams and large fowl chickens, point of lay pullets, Rheas, Emus, Peafowl, Guinea fowl 07932 963767 email here web link
Chris Dawber Lincolnshire Red Dorkings LF, Exhibition Light SussexLF, Buff & Blue Buff Columbian Bramha\’s Banty, Indian Runner ducks, Aylesbury x meat birds, and now a collection of Orpingtons and lavender Araucanas 01780 765457 email here
DnA Poultry Cambridgeshire Rhode Island Red, Welsummers, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Barnevelder and various hybrids and ducks. 07947 391071 email here web link
Oakwood Brahmas Norfolk Brahmas : dark, black, blue & buff columbian 01760 444111 email here web link
Jennifer Kent Silkies, Laced Wyandottes, Lavender Araucanas, Welsummers, Marans, Light Sussex, Pekins and Rhode Island Reds.

Young stock for sale throughout the spring and summer from 12 weeks old.

Hatching eggs available from March

01303 813428 email here web link
Kieran Berrett West Sussex Blue Pekin, Black Pekin, Silver Partridge Pekin, Buff Columbian Pekin, Lavender Pekin, Buff Pekin. Other colours and breeds sometimes available.

More due later in 2010, I hatch more breeds than what I own.

01273 494971 email here web link
Ian and Debbie Taylor Cardiganshire Welsummer, Cream Legbar, Maran, Leghorn, various Delyn hybrids, Indian Runner ducks, Embden and Brecon buff geese 01545 560867 email here web link
Karen Barrow Bedfordshire Black Rock, Black tail , Isa Brown , Magpie. Speckeldy , White Star , Light Sussex, Blue Belle 01270 258283 email here
Carys Camwell Anglesey Light Sussex, Barnvelder, Lemon millifleur, Ancona, Maran, Cream Legbar, Welsummer. Selection of hybrids available 07890202257 email here web link
Shane Tillotson Carmarthenshire Buff orpington, Light Sussex, Brown Sussex bantams, White Leghorn, Barbu D\’Anvers, Black Rock, Maran hybrids, Warrens, Serama, Lavender Pekins, Millefleur Pekin, Bluebells. Ducks: White Campbell , Aylesbury. Geese 07787 397105 email here web link
Michael Pocock Bedfordshire Black-Red Araucana, Barnevelder, Buff Columbian Brahma, Croad Langshan, Leghorn, Cuckoo Maran, Marsh Daisy, Light Sussex, Welsummer, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, . Bantam: Barbu D’ Uccle, Dutch, Salmon Faverolle, Brown Leghorn, Cuckoo Maran, Pekin, Chamois Poland, Silkie, Light Sussex,Welsummer, Gold Laced Wyandotte email here web link
Andrew and Julie Smaile Cumbria LF: Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Maran, Barred Plymouth Rock and Silver Laced Wyndotte. Hybrids: Blue, Sussex type, Barred type, Black Rock type 01697 478621, 07783 074533 email here web link
Margaret Manchester Durham Buff Orpington, Exchequer Leghorn, Cream Legbar, Amrock & various hybrid laying hens including Rhode Rock, Blue Haze, Speckledy, Coral Nick, Amber Link, Pied Suffolk, Bovan Goldline, Columbine, White Star & Columbian Blacktail 01388 731131 email here web link
Kim Brook Devon Vorwerk. Ducks: Aylesbury Ducks/Ducklings (Utility and exhibition strains), Cayuga, Chocolate Muscovy, Sebastopol Geese. 01566 783232 email here web link
Jim Redwood Essex Pekin, Sablepoot and various bantam breeds 07771 783546 email here
Julian and Helen Essex Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Maran, Nera, Blue Haze, White Ranger,Red Coe, Sky Line, Ducks: Indian Runners and Campbell. Quail. 07799 733609 email here web link
Broadway Bantams Worcestershire Pekin, Silkie LF & Bantam, Orpington Bantams, Japanese Bantam, Welsummer Bantam, Sometimes Hybrid Layers, Miniature Appleyard Ducks email here web link
Clare Scott Cambridgeshire Cream Legbar, Jersey Giant 07886 629376 email here
Hen Hotel Berkshire Lemon Millefleur Booted Bantam chicks (Sabelpoots), Poland Bantam chicks( Chocolate Orpington Bantams and Wyandotte Bantam chicks sometimes available) 07749 074514 email here web link
Victorias’ Poultry Cheshire Sablepoots: Porcelain, White, Lemon Millefleur, Gold Millefleur, Lavender.

Pekins: Black, Blue, Lavender, Silver Partridge, Gold Partridge, Millefleur, Lemon Cuckoo.

Orpington Bantams: Gold Laced, Buff, Black, Blue, Splash.

Orpington Large: Black, Blue, Splash, Buff, Gold Laced.

Silkies: White, Blue, Gold, Red

Bantam Sussex: Light, Speckled, Coronation Large Sussex: Light, Speckled Cream Leg

07704 321104 email here web link
Stuart Surrey Bantams, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese email here
Robbie Worcestershire White silkie, White bearded Silkie, Gold Laced Polish / Poland, Silver Laced Polish / Poland and many other rare breeds. email here web link
Ashwood Poultry Somerset Large fowl: Jersey Giant, Light Sussex, Cream Legbar, Rhode Island Red, Dark Brahma, Black Araucana, Salmon Faverolle. Bantams: Pekin (lavender, Lavender cuckoo, Black mottled, Black, blue and Splash), Barbu D\’uccle (millefluer), Wyandotte (buff and silver laced), Brown Leghorn, Brahma, Japanese Bantam 01278 760797 / 07876 197394 email here web link
JD Poultry Lincolnshire Large fowl Orpington (4 colours), Brahma (3 colours), Light Sussex, Lavender Araucana, Wyandotte (2 colours) 07810 207242 email here web link
Nigel Retallack Cornwall Salmon Faverolles Large and bantam, Faverolle black and blue bantam, Serama bantam, Japanese bantam. 01726 816916 email here
Andrew Macredie Nottinghamshire Large fowl Orpington (black, blue, buff & white). Bantam: black Orpington. Pekin: various colours, Friesian fowl. 01909 483903 email here web link
Taite and Nadine Lincolnshire Pekin, Bantams, Orpington, Ducks, Geese,turkeys all in various colours and many true breeds and rare ones also.from eggs to chicks to p.o.l. Just ask 01507 451834, 07872 627640 email here web link
Gill Shaw Devon Buff Orpington, Saxony Ducks, American Buff Geese 01566 783059 email here
Milly Thomas Derbyshire Pekin, Maran 01433 659635 email here
Susie Page Staffordshire Full range of hybrid laying hens, ducks, geese, quail, turkey\’s and guinea fowl.

Pure breed chickens including Show Standard Orpingtons, Wyandottes. 400-500 birds on display.

07809 421565 email here web link
Andrew Nelson North Yorkshire Guinea Fowl email here web link
Maria Surrey Hybrids: Rangers, Blues, Copper Black, Columbine, Coral, White, Sussex, Chicks and bantams sometimes available. 07747 166408 email here web link
Mr & Mrs Hillman Kent Buff Orpington, Large Fowl, Dark Brahma, Cream Legbar, Blue and Splash Cochin,€ POL Hybrid hens (vaccinated) Giant Dewlap Exhibition Toulouse, Chinese Geese, Indian Runner Ducks (Standard & Crested) 07894 833779 / 07515 595706 email here web link
Charlotte Bristol Pekin and Wyandotte bantams. Large fowl: Salmon Faverolles and utility Light Sussex. Various ducks. 01454 238918 email here web link
Keith Robinson West Yorkshire Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Light Sussex, Maran, Belgian D’Uccles, Sablepoot, Old English Game, Asil 07745 972566 email here
Andrew Smith Montgomeryshire Ducks: Aylesbury, Khaki Campbell, Pekin 07802 946302 email here web link
Jason Spencer Bedfordshire Large fowl: Araucana, Blacks, Blues, Lavender, Lavender Cuckoo, Black Splash, Black-Red, Blue-Red, Cuckoo, White Japanese Yokohama, Phoenix, Cochin 05603 149182 / 01480812586 email here web link
Mitchell Holmes Devon Large fowl: Brahma, Cochin, Orpington, Jersey Giant, Wyandotte, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex etc, we also do hybrids 01271 854960 / 01271 855611 web link
William Gibb Ayrshire POL Pullets, Rhode Rocks, Bluebelle, Speckledy, Sussex Stars. Hatching Eggs & Day Olds from Light Sussex Large Fowl, Indian Runner Ducks, Incubator Hire & Hatching Service 01563 820233 email here
Kim Ball Lincolnshire Russian Orloff, Millefleur D’Uccle, Speckled Sussex, Dark Brahma, Silkie. Light Sussex, Indian Runner ducks 07814 727261 email here web link
Meadow Poultry Norfolk Sussex Bantams:

Light, White, Red, Buff, Silver, Speckled, Brown. Lavender Araucana bantam

email here web link
Marie Handy Goucestershire New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Cream Legbar, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Australorp, Dorking, Buff Orpington, Lavender Leghorn, Pekin, Gold and Silver Dutch 01684 773464 web link
Kirsten Ayrshire POL Pullets, Wyandotte: various colours, Buff Orpington, Mottled Pekins, Polands, Black Scots Dumpy bantam, Black Minorca, Turkeys’, Guinea Fowl, Ornamental pheasants and ex battery hens. Hatching eggs available. 07748 572585 email here
Nick Walkington and family Oxfordshire Khaki Campbell, Indian Runner ducks,ducklings, hatching eggs. 01993 703630 / 07825 291581 email here web link
Tony Merseyside Serama, Ayam Cemani, Appenzeller , Silkie, Sablepoot, D’anvers 07779 552853 email here
Nick and Julee Moon Devon Large Fowl: Maran, Welsummer, Cream Legbar, Light Sussex, Araucana, Indian Game. Bantam: Silkie, Partridge Wyandotte. 01823 681152 email here web link
Mini farm Hertfordshire Orpington (Blue, Black, Splash, Buff , Jubilee and mottled). Black, Gold laced and Silver Laced Wyandotte. Silkie, Yokohama, Old English Game, Welsummer, bluebelles, Ambers, Black Rocks, Brown, Light and Silver Sussex, Maran. POL or chicks. Ducks: Aylesbury, khaki campbell and Cayuga, Geese, Turkey, meat birds, Quail 07517 182159 email here
Annie Hall Gloucestershire Hybrids, Guinea Fowl, Table birds, Ducklings. We also have a large poultry shop.you are very welcome to come and take a look around. 01179 373305 / 07979 546550 email here web link
Paul Sutton Lancashire Cream Legbar, Araucana, Lemon Sablepoot, Brahma, Cochin, Hybrids, Ducks. hen and duck houses hand made high quality chicken keeping courses please call to arrange to visit us. 01254 243992 email here web link
Karen Bannister Hampshire Large fowl: Buff Orpington 01794 301487 email here
Christian Glamorgan Large fowl: Buff Orpington, Cream Legbar 07961 329964 email here
Tom Tomlinson Cambridgeshire Copper Maran, Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, White Leghorn. Hybrids: Amber, Bluebelle, Goldlines, Nera, Speckeldy. 07952 511414 email here web link
Keith Huggins East Riding of Yorkshire Orpington, Shetland, Araucana, Legbar, Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex, Buff Sussex, Old English Game, Brahma, Hybrids, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl, Golden Pheasants. 01757 638191 email here
Linda Moore Norfolk Pekin (various colours) Jersey Giant, Orpington 07908 949165 email here
Michelle Lewis Glamorgan Bantam: Chocolate and Black, Gold laced, Silver laced, Silver Birchen Orpington, Utility ISA brown, White Stars 01639 849136 email here web link
Rick Tilyard Essex Silver Laced Poland bantams 01255 833491 email here
Peter Charters Worcestershire Large fowl Buff Orpington. Bantam Poland (various colours) email here web link
Lee Booth Lancashire Large fowl: Rhode Island Red, Silkie. Aylesbury ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Quails 07769 691962 email here
Don Valley South Yorkshire Ixworth, Marsh Daisy, Nankin, Cream Legbar, Old English Pheasant Fowl 07899 975213 email here
Rachael Berkshire Large Fowl: Welsummers, Dark Dorkings, Lavender Araucanas, Double Laced Barnevelders, French Copper Blue and Black Marans, Cream Legbars

Bantams: Gold and Silver Laced Wyandottes, Blue, Black and Silver Birchen Orpintons, Light Sussex.

07826 528667 email here web link
Diane Boddington Northamptonshire Pekins (Lavender Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Blue, Black, Silver Partridge, White) Cochin (Blue, Black, Splash, Lavender) 07897 452102 email here web link
Mark Henham Kent Large fowl and bantam Orpington (Buff, Black, White, Black, Splash, Lavender, Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Blue, Chocolate. Silkie bantam (White, Gold, Black). Plymouth Rock bantams (Lemon and Cuckoo), Millefleur Pekin bantam, Buff Columbian Brahma bantam 01303 874503 email here web link
Kim Harris West Sussex Pekin, White Silkie, Silver Pheasants 01243 551785 email here web link
James Delaney Lanarkshire Light Sussex, Serama, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Sebright, Black Crested Poland, White Crested Poland, Coturnix quail: Japanese, Italian, Giant, Range, Tuxedo. Chinese Painted. Mexican Speckled, Bobwhite, Northern Bobwhite Quail, Tennessee Red. Californian, Gambels, Bluescale, Harlequin. 01698 321558 email here web link
Philcott Poultry Suffolk Bantam: Rhodebar, Welbar (Gold), Wybar (Silver) 01284 728388 email here web link
Mick and Angela Schofield West Yorkshire LF: Orpington, Sussex, Indian Game. 07854 771459 email here
Rachel Bryan Nottinghamshire LF: Orpington (Gold Laced, Jubilee), Barnevelder, Lavender Araucana, Light Sussex. Bantam Partridge Pekin 01636 813064 email here
Carrie and Nicky Hertfordshire LF: Buff Orpington, Silkie, Pekin, Sebright, Hybrids, Ducks: Magpie, Call, Cayuga, Mandarin. 07837 190101 / 07958 540339 email here web link
Johnathan Bell Cumbria LF: Lohmann Brown hybrid, Light Sussex, Chamois and Gold Laced Poland (Smooth and Frizzle feather). 01900 822658 / 07713 088135 email here web link
Paul Richardson Pembrokeshire LF: Wyandotte (Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Blue Laced, Buff Laced, Partridge and Barred), Welsummer. Bantam: Wyandotte (Blue Laced, Partridge, American Red. 01834 831265 email here
Claire Lennon Hampshire LF: Orpington (Buff, Black, Blue, Splash), Maran, Silkie, Hybrids. Ducks: Indian Runner (Blue, Black, Trout, Chocolate, White) 01635 253771 email here
Karen Barrow Cheshire LF: White Sussex, Cuckoo Maran. Hybrid: Black Rock, White Star, Bluebelle, Blacktail, Warren, Speckledy, Ducks: Magpie, Aylesbury. 07720 657021 email here
Tina and Mark Worcestershire Hybrids – warrens, speckaldys, bluebelles, sussex, rhode rocks and others. LF – RIR, Gold Laced & Buff Orpingtons, Buff Columbian Brahmas, Light Sussex, Marsh Daisy, Plymouth Barred Rock, Red Dorking. Bantams – Lemon Millefleur sablepoots, Lavender/ Black/Birchen Pekins 01386 750668 email here web link
Anni Dorset Bantam: Poland, Pekin (various colours), Partridge Silkie. LF: Blue Orpington 07723 761081 email here
Chris Sander Northamptonshire Sultan (white, black, frizzle), Maran (wheaten), Orpington (buff, gold laced), Legbar (crested cream) Cochin (white, gold laced) Sablepoot (Lavender mottled, gold millefleur, lemon millefleur, porcelain, black mottled), Silkie (white, gold, blue, cuckoo, black), Japanese (white, buff, silkie feathered, splash, silver millefleur, gold millefleur, frizzle), Wyandotte (silver laced), Polish (chamoise 01327 830523 email here web link
Liz Lambert Essex Lavender Pekin bantam, LF: Frizzle Poland, Embden Geese (eggs only), Indian Runner ducks, Black and Bronze Turkeys, Peafowl, Hybrids: Goldline, Maran, Amber, Nera. point of lay hens or hatching eggs from any of our breeds. We can post eggs if required. 07971 715802 email here
David Campbell East Sussex Welsummers – wonderful dark brown eggs layers. 30 years selective breeding. 01892 782744 email here web link
Debi Taylor Lanarkshire Sussex, Leghorn, Barnvelders, Maran, Welsummer, Hybrids All colours 07554 435205 email here web link
Chloe Dorset Buff Orpington, Salmon Pekin 07891 565939 email here web link
Emma Good Shropshire Sussex ( Buff, Speckled), Barnevelder, Vorwerk, Welsummer, Silkie, Partridge Pekin, Lemon Sablepoot. Ducks: Aylesbury 01939 251782 email here web link
Justin Wiltshire Hybrids, Gold Brahma, Pekin, Barnevelder 07703 112043 email here web link
Sally and Paul Critchlow Warwickshire LF: Cream Legbar, Buff Plymouth Rock, Rhodebar, Bantam Maran. 07801 350298 email here web link
Sals Pure Breeds Monmouthshire LF: Cream Legbar, Buff Sussex, Welsummer, Barnevelder, Copper Blue and Copper Black Maran, Brahma (blue, Gold Partridge). Bantam: Brahma (blue, gold partridge) 01291 650773 / 07771 875558 email here web link
Steve Gilliver Derbyshire LF: Faverolles (ermine, cuckoo, salmon), Russian Orloff (Mahogany, Spangled) 07896 841901 email here web link
Sheri Rice Devon Pekin, Maran. Hybrid: Ross 01647 24461 email here
Marcus Moorhouse West Yorkshire LF: Rhode Island Red, Exchequer Leghorn, Hybrid: Lohmann Bantam: Araucana 01484 688181 email here
Neil Armitage West Yorkshire Double Laced Barnevelders, Spangled Hamburgh 01535 681339 email here web link
Gemma Welland Surrey LF: Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Buff Orpington. Hybrid: ISA Warren. Ducks: Indian Runner 01932 842877 email here web link
Nicholas Ings Hampshire Up to five varieties of hybrid laying hen. Over 40 rare and traditional breeds – large fowl and bantams. Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahmas, Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, Legbars, Sussex, Wyandottes and many, many more. 01725 519356 email here web link
Tracy Surrey LF: Cream Legbar. Bantam: Pekin. 8 different hybrid breeds. 01372 458320 / 07963 013597 email here web link
Janet Griffiths Caernarfonshire Orpington 01286 880173 email here web link
Sharon Clark Cambridgeshire Old English Game 07799 456430 email here
David Eason Somerset LF: Orpington. Bantam Orpington, Pekin. Ducks: Aylesbury 01984 667230 email here web link
Patricia Maltby Lincolnshire LF: Orpington (Black, White, Gold Laced), Poland (Gold Laced, Chamois. Smooth and Frizzle), Cream Legbar. Bantam: Buff Orpington, White Japanese, Brahma, Lavender Pekin. 07540 956290 email here
Sarah Worcestershire 10 Varieties of POL vaccinated hybrids (Inc’ blue egg layers) LF: Orpington (Buff, Lavender, Crele, Black, Chocolate), Frizzle Cochin, Barred Plymouth Rock, Jersey Giant. 07830 176254 email here web link
Chris Horler Somerset LF: blue laced indian game,blue laced barnevelder,chamoish freisian fowl,red mottled leghorn,bantam blue partridge wyandotte,blue partridge pekin,buff mottled leghorn 01761 451516 email here
Tony and Mary Satchell Isle of Wight Scots Dumpy 07768 664501 email here
Ian Hornsby Derbyshire Turkey’s, Japanese and Italian quail and a range of hybrid pullets 07798 584798 email here web link
Nick Walkington Oxfordshire Khaki Campbell Ducks, Ducklings, Hatching Eggs.

Indian Runner Ducks to order

07825 291581 email here web link
N. Mathias Pembrokeshire LF: Cream Legbar, White Orpington, Speckled Sussex. Bantam: Pekin, Chamois Poland 01348 881699 email here web link
Anne Roberts Somerset LF: Cream Legbar 01458 851488 email here web link
Jacqueline and Andrew Berkshire LF: Light Sussex, Bantam: Light Sussex, LF: Buff Orpington, Partridge Orpington. Red Jungle Fowl. 07989 888708 email here web link
Pauline Milne Aberdeenshire Vorwerk 07811 640954 email here
Julie Dronfield Cornwall LF: Ixworth, Marsh Daisy 01840 250261 email here web link
D & A Robinson Lincolnshire Russian Orloff. Ducks: Call, Muscovy. Geese: Sebastopol, Chinese. 01777 228591 email here
Jill Tattersall Lancashire Light Sussex, Maran, Buff Orpington 07963 002349 email here
Martin Baldwin Bedfordshire LF: Orpington, Light Sussex, Dorking, Ixworth, Scots Dumpy, Rhode Island Red. Bantam: Orpington. Ducks: Aylesbury, Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin. Geese: Embden, Dewlap Toulouse. 01570 471737 email here
Sue Hall Oxfordshire Bantam: Lavender Pekin 01844 278822 email here
Tim and Val Moss Warwickshire Bantam: Silver Laced and Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Dutch 01788 833719 email here
Bill Carey Lincolnshire LF: Orpington (Buff, Black, White. Wyandotte ( Blue, Splash, gold laced, crele, columbian). 01406 424100 email here web link
Tim Adams Wiltshire Bantam: Japanese, Sabelpoot. Duck: East Indian 01722 782445 email here
Pat Taylor Rutland Traditional Turkeys: Norfolk Black, Cambridge Bronze, Bourbon Red, Buff, Narragansett, Slate, Lavender, Pied Crollwitzer, Cross breds for christmas fattening 01780 722009 email here web link
Sandy Hildreth Lincolnshire I specialise in 10 different coloured orpingtons in large fowl and also breed over 5 different coloured orpingtons in bantam, including chocolate. I also breed my beloved Sultans which are white, black and cuckoo, blue and frizzle sultans on the way. 01673 885856 email here web link
Kiln Cottage Hens Gloucestershire LF: New Hampshire Red, Silver Spangled Hamburgh, Light Sussex, Lavender Araucana 01594 835265 email here web link
Alison Ingram West Sussex LF: Welsummer, Silkie 01403 263179 email here
Michael Rushby Norfolk LF: Orpington (Buff, Blue, Splash, Black, White, Jubilee, Partridge, Lavender), Light Sussex, Ixworth, Barred Plymouth Rock 07775 908274 email here web link
Marshall Simpson County Down LF: Silver Grey Dorking, Barnevelder (Gold, Blue laced), Welsummer, Leghorn (Blue, Lavender, Brown), French Maran (Copper Blue, Copper Black, Blue), Ancona, Wyandotte (Blue laced, Buff laced, Gold laced). Bantam: Silkie (Gold, White, Black, Blue), Wyandotte (Silver Laced, Blue laced, Buff laced, Blue Partridge), Araucana (Blue, Lavender, Black), Barnevelder (Gold laced, Blue laced) 07702 782857 email here web link
Pat Sweeney Mayo Shamo, Taiwan, Tuzo, Irish Gamefowl 00353 85 1403536 email here
Luggacurren Poultry Kildare White Wyandotte, Barred Plymouth rock, Silver Duckwing Welsummer, Partridge Welsummer, Buff orpington, Jubilee Orpington, White Orpington, Blue Orpington, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Silver spangled Hamburgh, Rhode Island Red, Blue Partridge Dutch Bantams, Gold Dutch Bantams 085 7121784 email here web link
Darrel Reville Waterford Bantam: Sebright (Gold, Silver), Barbu d’anver 00353879431149 email here
Charlene Martin County Down LF: Leghorn (Red Mottled), Sussex, Yokohama (Red Black), Ixworth.

Bantam: D’Watermeal (Blue Quail), D’Grubb (Blue Quail), D’anver (Blue Quail), Sebright (Gold), Serama (Various Colours), Japanese (Berchine, Black-Tailed White, Black-Tailed Buff, Black Mottled, White), Sussex, Ko-Shamo (Various colours), Modern Game (Lemon Blue, Partridge, Black-Red), Old English Game (Furness, Polecat, Light Red

07900 513978 email here web link
Helen Bradford Armagh LF: Silkies (white, black, gold, partridge, blue) Bantam Silkies (white, gold, black) Silver Campine, Copper blue Marans, Copper black Marans, LF: Red Sussex , Light sussex, Bantam Sussex, Yokohama (white, black, red saddled), Silver Sebright, Gold Sebright, Japanese, Ko Shamo, German Langshan, Araucana. 028 38 842709 email here
Paddy Murray County Down Bantam: Silver Dutch, Dark Red Old English Game, White Pekin, Japanese (Cuckoo, Lemon, Grey), New Hampshire Red, Wyandotte (Blue Laced, Buff Laced, Gold Laced), Gold Pencilled Hamburgh, Light Sussex, Brown Leghorn. Ducks: Call, Mandarin, Cape Teal, Wigeon, Black East Indian, Silver Appleyard. Geese: Red Breasted. Pheasants: Red, Yellow Gold, Lady Amherst, Silver, Reeves, Elliotts. 02897 561645 email here
Lorraine Griffiths Devon Marsh Daisy (Brown, Wheaten) 07527 211027 email here
Steven Dace Cheshire LF: Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Silkie (White, Black), Lavender Leghorn, Araucana, Barnevelder (Black, Blue), Welsummer (Dark egg strain), French Maran (Copper Black, Copper Blue, Splash, Silver Blue, Silver Black, Wyandotte (Black, Barred), Wyandotte (Gold, Blue, Buff, Silver Laced) bred from 2009 National and federation winners. Bantam: Orpington (Chocolate, Black) Wyandotte (Chocolate, Blac 01614 279246 email here web link
Johnstons Hatcheries Northern Ireland Sole distributor for “Dominant” for UK and Ireland. 07968 761794 email here web link
Llyr Davies Montgomeryshire Duck: Black East Indian, White Runner 01938 810036 email here
Sarah Clifton Montgomeryshire Light Sussex 01938 590330 email here web link
Anne Raymond Suffolk Welsummer, Maran, Duck: Trout Indian Runner 01473 463765 email here web link
Daniel Munro South Yorkshire Cuckoo Maran, Light Sussex, Duck: Aylesbury 01302 787373 email here
Chris Dibble Somerset Sussex, Orpington, Leghorn, Maran, Faverolle, Wyandotte, Pekin 07921 267372 email here web link
Fergal Tyrone New Hampshire Red, Welsummer, Silver Duckwing Welsummer, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Araucana, Sussex (Buff, Light, Speckled), Pekin 07545 116533 email here web link
Helen Jackson East Riding of Yorkshire Buff Orpington, Wyandotte, Faverolle, Dutch, Lavender Pekin 01262 602671 email here
Gordon Liddle Derbyshire Welsummer, Light Sussex, Gold Brahma, Copper Black Maran 07712 771112 email here
Ian Burleigh Northumberland LF: Light Sussex, Barnevelder, Blue laced Barnevelder, Leghorn, Welsummer, Silver Brakel. Bantam: Silver Laced Wyandotte 01670 366626 email here
Susan Wigtownshire Lavender Araucana, Silkie, Pekin, Quails, ducks. Please contact via website, visitors by appointment only. 07972 695599 email here web link
Claire Bridge West Sussex Orpingtons (Including Chocolate bantams), Sussex, Pekin, Barnevelder. Others sometimes available. 07900 954127 web link
Debbie Kingsley Devon Ducks: Utility Aylesbury, Black Indian Runner. Geese: Pilgrim 01837 810569 email here web link
Jason Boasman North Yorkshire Poland, Brahma, Orpington, Cochin, Silkie, Legbar and POL pullets 01405 862854 email here web link
Ms Gallagher Dorset Croad Langshan, Silkie, Mille Fleur. 07722 438723 email here
Angela Barber Lincolnshire LF: Orpington (Black, Blue, Lavender, Partridge) Bantam: Black, Chocolate. New for spring 2011, LF and Bantam Silver Birchen, LF: Blue Partridge 07749 728415 email here web link
Andrew and Jacqui Berkshire Ducks: Khaki Campbells, Call Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, Aylesbury Ducks, Muscovy Ducks, Magpie Ducks, Mandarin. Geese: Embden\’s, Barnacle, Chinese, Egyptian, Brecon Buff. 07932 226090 email here web link
Jackie Gloucestershire Appenzeller, Brahma, Bluebell, Orpington, RhodeRock, Speckledy, ISA Brown, White Sussex, Willows, Naked Neck, Welsummer, Silkie, Japanese, Pekin, Poland, Wyandotte. Ducks: Call, Khaki Campbell, Saxony, Indian Runner. Geese: Embden 07841 248759 email here web link
Toni Arciero Surrey LF: Orpingtons, Aruacanas, Cream Legbars, Marans, Brahmas, Silkies. Bantams: Pekins, Wyandottes, Scots Dumpy. Ducks: Indian Runners, White Campbell and Khaki Campbell 01306 628247 email here web link
Earl Cheshire Vorwerk, Silver laced Wyandotte, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Silver Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Barnvelder, Barred Plymouth Rock, Welsummer, French Maran (Copper Black, Copper Blue, Wheaten, Splash) Lemon Cuckoo Niederhiener, Silver Grey Dorking, Orpington (Buff, Blue , Crele, Black, Lavender, Gold Laced) Cream legbar, Silkie (Gold, Black, Blue, White, Splash) Bantam Silkie (Gold, Bl 07771 643235 email here
Mr Alastair A. McIntyre Ayrshire Rhode Rocks, Bluebells, Sussex , White Star, Speckledys.

Khaki Campbell Ducks,

Meat Chicks and Turkeys.

Poultry Houses and Equipment

Delivery all over Scotland and North of England

01292 591266 email here web link
Charlie Dunleavy Fermanagh Silver Laced and Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Duckwing Welsummer, Copper Black, Wheaton and Copper Blue Maran, Gold laced Orpington 07968 317966 email here web link
William Somerset Bantam: Orpington (White, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Chocolate, Jubilee) email here
Timberlog Poultry Essex Light, Speckled Sussex, Rhode Island Red. Hybrids: Warren/ISA Brown (day old to POL). Coturnix Quail: Japanese, Italian 07774 279699 email here web link
Cotswold Chickens Oxfordshire Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Maran, Barred Plymouth Rock 01608 683912 email here web link
Oliver Flanagan Westmeath LF: Leghorn, Speckled Maran, Daisy Bells, Blue Bells, Black Rock, and Lohmans Brown. Ducks: Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin and Pekin. 087-6112938 email here web link
Lynn Spode Derbyshire Derbyshire Redcap 07736 718742 email here
Michelle Tipperary Brahma (Gold), Maran (Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer.

Bantam: Australorp (Black), Dutch (Gold, Silver), Rosecomb (Black), Welsummer.

Ducks: Call (Apricot Silver, Mallard, Pied, Silver), Indian Runner (Fawn & White, White)

Pigeons, Birds & Small Animals also.

+353(0)86 1689219 email here web link
Katherine and James Cox East Sussex Bantam: Sulmtaler 01825 764410 email here web link
Catherine Omell Devon Brahma, Orpington, Cream Legbar, Maran, Light Sussex. Ducks: Aylesbury, Silver Appleyard, Indian Runner. Geese: Toulouse, Embden 07790 525984 email here web link
Adam or Perran Cornwall Marsh Daisy, Exchequer Leghorn, Jersey Giant, Copper Maran, Buff Pekin 07783 529624 email here web link
Justin Sullivan-appleton Cheshire Hybrids: bluebelle, Blackrock, Light Sussex, White Star, Speckledies, Magpies, Columbian Blacktails, Warrens 07854 024803 email here web link
Jamie Paul Griffin Cornwall LF: Old English Pheasant Fowl. Asil 07581 539755 email here web link
Briggs Poultry Lincolnshire Amberlink, Copperblack, Blue Haze, Pied Suffolk 01507 462058 email here web link
Sue Wright Orkney Silver Laced Wyandotte, Cochin, New Hampshire Red, Cuckoo Maran, Pekin, Silkie. Ducks: Indian Runner, German Pekin 01856 781276 email here
Lynne Gallagher Dorset Silkie (hatching eggs and livestock) 01202 248513 email here
Joe Merchant Somerset Barnevelder. Bantam: Croad Langshan 07575 434786 email here
Dudley Kent Hybrids, LF: Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Maran, Araucana. Bantam: Japanese, Araucana. Ducks: Silver Appleyard. Geese: Pomeranian, Toulouse. Chocolate Muscovies. 01233 850692 email here web link
Ruth Chadwick and Brian Hall Cornwall LF: Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Columbian Wyandotte, French Copper Black Maran. Bantam: Gold Laced Orpington, Chocolate Orpington 01840 269038 email here web link
Luke Martin Surrey Red Dorking 07793 402631 email here
Sarah Eastol Cambridgeshire Brown Sussex, Gold Partridge Orpington 01354 688245 or 07949 122608 email here
The Cosy Hen Company Monmouthshire RIR, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Gold Brahma, Dark Brahma, Buff Orpington, Black Orpington, Vorwerk, French Copper Marans, French Wheaten Marans, White Silkies 01291 650655 email here web link
Nicola Stephenson East Sussex LF: Sussex (Brown, Red, Speckled), Brahma (Gold, Dark, Blue Partridge). Bantam: Belgian Barbu d\’Anver (Quail, Cuckoo, Black), Barbu d\’Uccle (Millefleur, Porcelaine), Pekin-various colours, Old English Game (Pyle, Spangle), Silkie (Red, Blue), Sablepoot (Lemon millefleur), Polish (Chamois) plus domestic geese and waterfowl. 07815 859492 email here
Emma and Darren Green Gloucestershire Light sussex, Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Cream Legbar, White Leghorn, Cuckoo Maran. Hybrids available are Rhode Rock, Bluebelle, Pied Ranger and Calder ranger. 01594 824124 email here web link
Peter Neilson Devon Appenzeller Spitzhauben email here web link
Colleen Hannah Wigtownshire Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Maran, Poland, Rhode Rock 01988 600680 or 07856 154725 email here
Ben Barraclough Northamptonshire Nearly 50 breeds of fully vaccinated pure breeds 07824 393517 email here web link
Simon McManus Surrey Dorking,Faverolle, Legbar, Leghorn, Cuckoo Maran, Rhode Island Red, Buff, Light and Speckled Sussex and hybrids. 0208 335 0836 email here web link
Paul Stemp Norfolk Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Buff & Blue Orpington, Maran, hybrid Brown, Bluebelle, Light Sussex, Black Rock, Gold laced Brahma, Lavender Pekin, Mille Fleur, Gold & Silver Sebright 01263 761709 email here web link
Mr R Lehmann Somerset Orpington 07798 690423 email here web link
John Richardson Caernarfonshire Various breeds of pure bred poultry, point of lay pullets, ducks, bantams, goslings when in season, day old chicks. 01766 810347 email here
Tracy Barker Essex Pekin bantams lavender and frizzle lavender 07765 395841 email here
Bonnie Hall East Sussex LF: Sussex light & speckled, Gold brahma, Lavender Araucana, Buff Orpington, Cream Legbar, Welsummer. Bantams: Ancona, Scots Grey, Poland, Pekin Lavender, Partridge & Mille Fleur, Silver Pencilled Wyandotte. 07773 383618 email here web link
Howletts Hens Bedfordshire Jersey Giant, Gold Laced Orpington, Chamois Polish, Silver Laced Polish, Bearded White Silkie, Bearded Black Silkie, Bearded Cuckoo Silkie 07790 014730 email here web link
Ben Grist Surrey Dutch Bantams 07974 890771 email here web link
Sammy Malcolmson Armagh breeder of bantam black australorp 2 bloodlines and old english game 3 bloodlines 6 different colours all show stock 07732 594854 email here
John Applegarth Buckinghamshire Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran. Hybrids: Rhode Rock, Silver Link, Brown Nick, Blue, Magpie, RedCo 07786 308794 email here web link
O Price Kilkenny Bruges Game 00 353 (0)879477447
Lynn Spode Derbyshire White Siciliana 07736 718742 email here
Tony Lowe Derbyshire Cream Legbar 07929 111353 email here
Stuart and Wendy Durham Hamburgh, Cream Legbar. 07791 934206 email here
Julie Wilcock Derbyshire Siciliana, White (Endangered breed) 01246 864400 email here
Michelle Greater Manchester Silver Grey Dorking (white egg layer) vorwerk, wyandottes-blue laced,buff laced,barred,white,columbian & lemon cuckoo(rare),silkies-various colours 01617 986228 email here
Heath hens Hertfordshire Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red. Hybrids: Black Rock, Dark Sussex, Plymouth Rock, Bovans Nera, Light Sussex, Gold Line, Speckledy, Bluebell. 07736 850658 email here
Tara Suffolk Orpington, Light Sussex, Maran, Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Vorwerk, Brahma, Cochin, Silkie, Pekin, Wyandotte, Sebright, Polish 07872 542539 email here web link
Ian & Lisa Parker Somerset LF: Scots Dumpy (Black & cuckoo), Campine (Gold & Silver), Scots Grey, Marsh Daisy ( Brown, Wheaten, White), Cream Legbar, Barred Plymouth Rock. Bantam: Porcelain Booted bantams, Lemon Millefleur 07912 574356 email here
Clive Rust Somerset Barnevelder, Brahma, Campine, Cochin, Faverolle, Friesian, Hamburgh, Indian/Jubilee Game, Maran, Marsh Daisy, Orpington, Pekin, Plymouth Rock, Poland, Sebright, Sicilian Buttercup, Silkie, Sussex, Vorwerk, Wyandotte. Ducks: Call Ducks, Muscovy Ducks, Runner Ducks, Ornamental Ducks, Geese, Quail’s, Guinea Fowl, Ornamental Pheasants. 01823 480076 email here web link
Vicky and Daniel Skeels Cambridgeshire Pekin (Black, Lavender, Buff), Polish, Silkie, Sebright, Sablepoots, hybrid hens. Ducks: Call, Magpie. African Geese. 07766 880914 / 07825 303406 email here web link
Sandra Kulzer Kent Over 40 breeds of chickens, bantams and ducks. Breeds available from day old to last years stock. Hatching eggs also available. 01843 822579
Mark Lees Cornwall Red Dorking, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington. Ducks: Aylesbury. Geese: West of England 07803 827791 email here web link
Caroline Edwards Flintshire Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Speckled), French Copper Maran, Silkie, Pekin (Silver Laced, Partridge), Polish. Hybrids available throughout the year 01978 760229 email here web link
James Kent Bantams and Large Fowl: Legbar, Welsummer, Pekin, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex and more 07402 670883 email here web link
Ryan Wood West Lothian Rhode Island Red, lemon Pekin, cuckoo Araucuna, silkie (black,gold,white) sebright, silver spangled/gold pencilled Hamburgh, laced Wyandotte bantam(gold,buff,silver,blue) all exhibition standard also Tragopan, Peafowl and various other ornamental pheasant and mandarin duck. 07714 190176 email here

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